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How much will it cost

We provide a comprehensive service and complete all forms and calculations that are required by HMRC. Our fee also includes dealing with any queries raised by HMRC in relation to the claim forms. Our spreadsheet will also show the total amount spent on the project, based on the invoices provided.

We offer a fixed fee as follows:

  • £275.00 Standard claim - up to 200 invoices
    (the majority of claims fall in this band)

  • £365.00 201-300 invoices
  • £455.00 301-400 invoices (and so on)

Other services (please enquire):

  • Assistance throughout your project ensuring you are charged the correct rate of VAT
  • Assistance in recovering VAT wrongly charged during the project
  • Assistance with appeals and Tribunals


  • £30.00 Recorded deliveries fees (£45 for 200+ invoices)

Optional Extras:

  • 10p per invoice Photocopying fee

Our charges are based on the time spent and not on the value of your claim.

We are not VAT registered and so no VAT is added to the cost.

Agree a fixed fee at today's rates, even if you will not be ready for a year or so.

Payment is due once the claim has been completed and before the claim is submitted to HMRC. We are currently finalising claims within 7 days. Once posted to HMRC, refunds are currently taking about 6 weeks to reach your bank account.(subject to there being no queries)