What VAT can I reclaim

You can reclaim VAT on the following projects:

  • New build Properties
  • Certain Conversions
  • Holiday Homes (if only used for personal use)

You can reclaim the VAT incurred on expenditure including the following:

  • All Materials incorporated in the building
  • Delivery charges included on invoices for materials
  • Certain landscaping costs
  • Standard alarm systems
  • Wooden floor systems
  • Light fittings

You cannot reclaim the VAT incurred on some expenditure including the following:

  • Architects and professional fees
  • Hire Charges
  • White goods
  • Carpets
  • Tools and Equipment

You must ensure you are charged the correct rate of VAT during project as HMRC will only refund the rate that should be charged.

You must submit your VAT claim to HMRC within three months of completion.

(in certain circumstances late claims may be accepted)

New build VAT refunds are paid direct to your bank account.